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Whole House Insulation with Spray Foam

Full property spray foam insulation has been used in residential settings in the GTA for more than 40 years and over the years has proven itself to be the superior insulating material time and again. Still, because the only type of insulation you’ll see at the home improvement centre is fiberglass most people aren’t aware of spray foam insulation or the many advantages it has over fiberglass.


Advantages of full property spray foam insulation:


  • Extraordinary energy savings –  Fiberglass insulation is better than nothing as we said but why settle for that when you can achieve superior energy savings with spray foam? Because spray foam insulation expands as it’s introduced to your walls and ceiling it’s able to fill every tiny crack and crevice, effectively sealing your home uptight and producing maximum savings.


  • Extraordinary insulation – Fiberglass batts always leave a bit of space around the edges where heat can leak out and drafts, cold air, and moisture can leak in. Spray foam insulation completely eliminates these leak points meaning your Toronto home is not only warmer, it’s also drier and less drafty than before.


  • An effective moisture barrier – Cold isn’t the only enemy of a comfortable environment. Moisture also has a negative effect on the quality of life you experience in your home. Dampness provides a breeding ground for mold and mildew, has a corrosive effect on wood and upholstery, and can shorten the life of wallpaper and house paint. Full property spray foam insulation provides the most effective barrier of any insulation product against moisture.


  • A healthier Property – The mold and mildew we referred to above is no trivial issue. Several species of mold can actually be fatal to human beings and their growth is promoted and sustained by excessive moisture in the house. In addition, if you have ever noticed a musty, dank odour in your home that is a byproduct of mold. Full property spray foam insulation will help eliminate the moisture mold and other bacteria need to live.


  • Long-term viability – Fiberglass insulation will lose much of its insulating ability if it absorbs moisture. And because fiberglass won’t provide an effective moisture barrier the odds are good that it will absorb much of the moisture it allows into the walls. By contrast, residential spray foam insulation shuts out the moisture, and even if your exterior wall is damaged cured spray foam insulation will not absorb any moisture that may get through.


  • Environmental friendliness – Spray foam insulation hits all the right environmental notes. It allows you to significantly reduce the amount of energy you burn to heat your home. It helps your HVAC system work more efficiently so that it consumes less electricity and lasts longer and it makes it easier to air condition your home during the dog days of summer. And if the need ever arises to remove the spray foam it can either be repurposed, recycled, or donated to charitable organizations like “Habitat for Humanity” who will put it to good use.
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