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Spray Foam Insulation - Insulating Basement Walls, Ceiling and Floors

The basement of your Toronto home presents unique challenges that need to be addressed. If your home is sitting on top of a perpetually cold, damp basement it will cost more to heat the house, the house will be more susceptible to moisture-related structural problems and the health of everyone in the house could be negatively affected by the presence of mold and mildew. The most effective way to address these issues is to insulate the basement. But not just any old fiberglass insulation will do. What you really need is high-quality spray foam basement insulation installed by the pros from Spray City Insulation.


Insulating Basement Walls, Ceiling and Floors with Spray City: The Smart Choice


Spray foam insulation is widely accepted today as the most effective type of insulation available for homes or businesses. It provides the most complete coverage possible, effectively sealing spaces against heat loss as well as:


  1. Creating effective moisture barriers wherever you install it.
  2. Eliminating drafts fiberglass insulation can’t.
  3. Reducing the strain on your furnace.


In Toronto and throughout the GTA winters can be endless, brutal affairs. They not only produce incredibly cold temperatures and biting, penetrating winds but also extreme humidity during times of peak snowmelt. In many ways, your basement bears the brunt of this assault. As a result, it’s typically the coldest, dampest part of the house. Trying to keep the upper floors of the house warm and dry when they’re sitting atop a dank, cold basement is like trying to bake something with the oven door open. If you’re to make your home as energy-efficient and healthy as it can be you need the type of comprehensive basement insulation that can only be provided by spray foam.


The Many Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation


Spray foam insulation is the best choice for whole house insulation for your Toronto home or business and that goes for underground areas like the basement as well. When expertly installed by the fully licensed, experienced spray foam installers from Spray City, it provides your house with the type of air sealing, moisture resistant basement that forms the foundation of a truly energy efficient home. The benefits will be felt immediately:


  1. Drafts will be dramatically reduced throughout the house.
  2. You’ll notice a significant reduction in your heating bills.
  3. That funky, musty odour that used to emanate from your basement will be gone.
  4. Your furnace will run smoother and more efficiently.
  5. You’ll notice your home is a drier place.
  6. Allergies that used to bothersome will likely begin to dissipate.


Spray foam basement insulation as installed by the experts at Spray City will seal up every nook and cranny, every hole, every crack, and misfitting joint in your basement and turn it almost overnight from the unhealthy energy drain it was into a comfortable dry place that’s safe to store things in and no longer plays host to mice and other invaders from the yard.

At Spray City Insulation we provide our fully insured services to Residential and Commercial owners across the entire GTA.
We use state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to deliver the highest quality spray foam insulation available to every last crevice in your basement.
When we’re finished you’ll feel like you moved into a new house and you’ll begin seeing savings on your energy bills right away.
Give us a call to receive a same day quotation and get started on the process of turning your damp, dank Toronto basement into a model foundation for your home.

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