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    How to Weather Insulate a Room over a Garage


    Many people in the GTA own or live in properties with an integral garage and one of the nicest things about such properties is that you can drive straight into your garage and walk into your home without getting wet or cold when the weather outside is bad. However, there is a problem that lots of people who live in such houses face: a cold room above the garage. Unless you are aware of why this happens, it can be a very perplexing problem that leads to high heating bills during the colder months of the year and, even with the heating on full blast, these rooms can still be uncomfortably cold in the middle of winter. If you have been battling with this problem and you are looking for a solution for a cold room above your garage, you have come to the right place! Read on, to find the most effective and economical answer to your problem.


    How to Weather Insulate a Room over a Garage



    The reason that so many homeowners in Toronto and the surrounding area find it difficult to solve the problem of a cold room over their integral garage is often because they are focusing on the wrong part of the house when trying to find a solution. Whilst it is, of course, important to ensure that the room itself is properly insulated, the root cause of the problem is almost always the garage itself and not the room above it.


    We are now going to tell you how to warm up the room above the garage in your home, without spending a fortune in the process, and describe all the benefits you can look forward to enjoying once you implement our solution. As you have no doubt already guessed from the title of this section, the answer to your problem is to weatherproof your garage and not just the room above it that is frustrating you because it is never warm enough to sit in for more than a few minutes at a time.


    Warming up Cold Floors Above the Garage: Spray Foam Insulation



    The solution that works best in all cases we have encountered is spray foam insulation: a special type of foam that is sprayed into the space between interior and exterior walls, and between the roof of your garage and the floor of the room above it. In our experience, this is by far the most effective way to insulate both your garage and any adjoining rooms, including the one above it that is often harder to heat than any other room in a residential property. As spray foam insulation specialists, we have a great deal of experience in this particular field of home improvement and have helped many local resident to turn parts of their home that previously were barely used into comfortable living spaces, giving them more room in which to relax and enjoy themselves after a hard day at work.


    Installing Spray Foam Insulation in Your Toronto Home


    Whether you would like us to insulate your garage, to ensure the room above it can easily be heated during the winter, and be kept comfortably cool in the summer, or to insulate any other part of your home, the process is the same. The reason that it is a job best left to the professionals is that unless it is done properly, the results will be far less effective: the chemicals used must be mixed in precise quantities, the preparation of the spaces into which the foam is to be injected must be thorough and the actual application must be carried out in a carefully measured manner to ensure that all areas where air could enter or escape your property are sealed. The installation of spray foam insulation should be carried out in conjunction with a review of your existing HVAC system, to make sure that your house is properly ventilated: whilst it is crucial to seal the spaces where you do not wish air to escape or enter, it is equally important to make sure your ventilation equipment is functioning as it should, in order to maintain the air quality throughout your home. When installing insulation for the purpose of warming up cold floors above a garage, a professional team will make sure that they do not compromise your HVAC system in any way.


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    The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation for Your Garage



    In addition to being the best way to weather insulate a room over a garage in Toronto residential properties, spray insulating your garage walls and ceiling will provide the following benefits:


    • Noise Reduction – Uninsulated integral garages don’t just provide cold air with an easy point of entry into your home, they let in noise from outside too. If you have been living in a house with an uninsulated garage for some time and you decide to have spray foam insulation installed, you will almost certainly notice a reduction in the level of outside noise that can be heard in your home. The most dramatic effect will, of course, be in the garage itself, but you should feel the benefit in every part of your property to a certain degree. If you often use power tools in your garage or perhaps play in a band and use it as a rehearsal space, the internal noise reduction that spray foam insulation has to offer is sure to please other members of your family as much as the exterior noise reduction does!


    • An Effective Moisture Barrier – In addition to being the best solution for a cold room above a garage, spray foam insulation creates a very effective moisture barrier that will help to prevent mold and mildew from attacking the interior of your home. Excessive moisture introduced into your home during the humid summers that Toronto is well known for can result in damp walls, floors and ceilings that are ideal breeding grounds for mold and mildew. With quality foam insulation, this will not be something you have to worry about in the future.


    • A Long-Term Solution – One popular alternative to spray foam insulation is fiberglass but unlike foam, fiberglass insulation will absorb moisture over time, rendering it less effective as an insulation barrier for your home. If you decide to install fiberglass insulation rather than spray foam, you will probably have to renew it at some point in the future, making it a more costly and inconvenient solution in the long run. Spray foam insulation, on the other hand, will continue to do its job for many years to come, ensuring that your home is well insulated against cold, moisture and noise for as long as you live there. Most importantly, for those of who want to know how to warm up a room above a garage, it will perform this particular function very effectively for the lifetime of your property.


    • Smaller Utility Bills in All Weathers – Because less warm air will escape in the winter, and less cool air in the summer, the room above your garage will be easier to keep at a comfortable temperature all year round once your garage is properly insulated with spray foam. This means that your utility bills will be smaller than they are now, which we are sure you will agree is a valuable benefit for homeowners in all parts of the GTA. Whether you live in a small detached property in the centre of the city or a large, sprawling residence in the suburbs, you can look forward to lower heating and cooling costs once we have insulated your garage.


    • A Reduced Carbon Footprint – If you would like to make sure that you are doing your bit for the environment as a family, insulating your garage is a great move. The lower utility bills we referred to earlier will, of course, result from lower energy usage in your home. You will be using less gas or electricity to heat the cold room above your garage in the winter and to cool it in the summer, which means that your household will have a correspondingly lower carbon footprint. In a time when more and more residents of Toronto and other major cities across the globe are expressing concern about the environment, it is easy to understand why garage insulation is such a popular home improvement.


    • A Healthy and Happy Environment for Your Family – By stopping mold and mildew from becoming established on the walls and ceilings of your home, you can maintain a higher air quality in every room. Mold spreads through airborne spores and it is these spores that can have a negative impact on those who live in damp houses. By eliminating one of the root causes of dampness in the home – moisture in the air from outside that enters properties – you can keep mold, mildew and other types of fungus out of your house and provide your family with healthy, clean air to breathe.


    Taking Advantage of Our Solution for a Cold Room Above a Garage


    Now that you know why the room above your garage is cold and how to fix the problem, the next step is to do something about it: take some positive action today and you can look forward to enjoying a nice warm room over your garage in the very near future. Taking advantage of our cost effective, highly efficient solution is as easy as following the steps below:

    • Contact a Member of Our Team by Phone or by Email – Taking positive action is as easy as picking up your phone and calling us during business hours or sending us an email at any time. All we need to know is where you live and what type of property you live in. We can then provide you with a no-obligation quotation for all the work that needs to be performed in order to insulate your garage. For unusual properties or situations, we may need to visit your property first but in most cases, we can give you a very good idea of how much it will cost once you have provided us with a few details by phone or by email.


    • Review Your Quotation – Once we have furnished you with an accurate quotation, you can consider it at your leisure and let us know when you have decided what to do. If you require more details than you find in our proposal or you have any questions about the work that it covers, just call us whenever convenient and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need. We do not believe in using high pressure sales techniques: our team is focused on providing the best experience possible for all our customers and we want to make sure that you are completely happy with your decision before we start work on your garage.


    • Arrange a Time for Us to Visit – If you would like to take advantage of the services offered by our expert installation team, who know exactly how to weather insulate a room over a garage, you can call to arrange a mutually convenient time for us to visit your home and perform the necessary work. We will make sure that we cause a minimum of disruption to you and your family whilst installing the spray foam installation and will of course tidy up after yourselves, leaving your garage in the same condition as we found it, expect for the fact it will now be properly insulated against outside weather conditions!


    • Enjoy Using the Room Over Your Garage All Year Round – All that will be left for you to do now is to enjoy using the extra space over your garage that was once too cold to use. Your insulation will not require any special care or maintenance once it is in place.


    Now you know why the room above your garage is cold, don’t delay: call today to request your free, no-obligation quotation!

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