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    The Ultimate Guide to Spray Foam Insulation for Toronto Homes


    If you’re considering investing in home renovations, it can be hard to find the right products and services that are best for your household. Should you put your time and effort into DIY projects, or leave the heavy lifting to professional contractors? What resources are available to help you afford the renovations that you need the most? Are you primarily focused on improving the appearance of your home, or making changes that will help you save money and live comfortably?


    These are just a couple of the many questions homeowners must ask themselves before ever calling a contractor or making a trip to the hardware store. Every residential property comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, but if energy consumption has been a long-term concern for your house, it may be time to invest in spray foam insulation.


    Is it safe to install spray foam insulation?


    Spray foam insulation is a safe, popular and effective product that creates an airtight seal in the most vulnerable areas of your house. If you’ve been struggling with a moldy basement or drafty attic, the reason is likely poor insulation. Unlike other forms of insulation, spray foam creates a durable seal that fills every corner of a space, eliminating the chance of small cracks and holes leaving your home uncomfortably drafty or moist.


    Still, common forms of insulation, such as fiberglass or cellulose, may initially seem like a more affordable option to keep your home protected from moisture, heat and cold air. However, these conventional insulation options struggle to protect every nook and cranny, and often suffer from damage as time goes on.


    Spray foam insulation on the other hand, is more expensive to install, and should not be handled by anyone but a professional contractor. Although the initial cost may be burdensome, the economic benefits that come later will more than likely compensate for it. Spray foam insulation is one of the most effective ways to cut down on energy costs, with homeowners seeing up to a 35% drop in their electricity bills, meaning it’s a renovation that often pays for itself.


    As an insulation option that’s both environmentally conscious and fiscally sound, more homes are being built or renovated with spray foam insulation than ever before. In 2013, around 400,000 Canadian homes benefitted from the installation of spray foam insulation, and your Toronto home could be next.


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    How Spray Foam Insulation works



    If you’re looking for a cheap fix for your energy consumption problem, investing hours of labor into replacing fiberglass insulation on your own may seem like the only option. It might be a low-cost option that doesn’t require any contractors, but you’re unlikely to see your hard work reflected in your future energy bills.


    In Toronto, cooling and heating costs are one of the biggest contributors to electricity costs. Not only do we face brutally cold winters, but muggy summers also leave us turning to the AC for relief.


    If your house is unable to remain comfortable without constant heating and cooling, then chances are the problem can’t be solved without better insulation. When a house isn’t properly insulated, the end result is a home that lets the air you want to keep outside in, while the air you’re paying so much to keep indoors escapes, often through the basement or attic insulation.


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    Spray Foam Insulation is much better than other forms of insulation


    Spray foam insulation is a solution that works much better than other forms of insulation, and drastically reduces the need for the furnace or air conditioner to be constantly running. It is an option that’s available for both commercial spray foam insulation and residential properties, and also protects against moisture, outdoor sound, and the air pollutants many Canadians are sensitive to.


    Officially referred to as Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), spray foam insulation is created by mixing two chemicals: an isocyanate and a resin. When these chemicals combine, they quickly expand into a thick foam that hardens into an impermeable seal.


    The process of creating, applying and layering spray foam insulation is complex, and requires rigorous training, professional-grade equipment and leading-edge protective gear. For this reason, experts agree that spray foam insulation should be left in the hands of trained professionals only.


    After selecting a reliable, experienced contractor, your job is easy. Simply remove your family and pets from your home while your contractor works, and, after some time, return to enjoy the improved air quality and low energy bills!


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    Spray Foam Insulation is beneficial for your home.


    Spray foam insulation can be applied in any part of the home, but the most popular spaces include garage insulation, attic and basement. Each of these areas are particularly vulnerable to moisture and drafts and can make every part of the home less comfortable.


    With every contractor, there will be a certain reoccupancy time, which essentially means a period in which you need to be out of your home before returning. While spray foam insulations set, it is quite flammable, and contractors use special protective gear that the average DIYer simply doesn’t have. To ensure everyone’s safety, only professionals should in the home during the spray foam insulation process.


    The reoccupancy time will vary based on which areas of the house are being insulated, the temperature of the home, and the size of your property. Every contractor will have their own estimate, but on average it is somewhere between 8 and 24 hours, with some contractors leaving just one hour after applying the insulation before allowing families to return.


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    The benefits and risks of Spray Foam Insulation


    The benefits and risks of Spray Foam Insulation


    1. One of the primary reasons why home and business owners turn to spray foam insulation is to cut down on energy costs. With a properly insulated home, you’ll feel comfortable turning down the thermostat, or even shutting off the furnace or AC altogether. Most homeowners see significant reductions in their energy bill, especially in the coldest and hottest months of the year.
    2. Drafts and escaped air may lead to discomfort and wasted money, but they can also put your home at risk for costly damages. For example, escaped heat from a poorly insulated attic can cause ice dams on the roof. Ice dams occur when the top of a roof has no snow or ice, but there’s a significant build-up on the edges.
    3. If not addressed immediately, the result could be permanent damage to your roof and ceiling. Frozen or broken pipes are also often caused by freezing temperatures in homes that are unprotected by quality insulation.


    However, this is just one of many benefits that spray foam insulation offers.


    1. Spray foam insulation also protects against moisture, a leading cause of mildew and mold.
    2. It also creates a natural noise barrier, which can help make your residential spray foam insulation or commercial property a more peaceful place.
    3. Not only that, but spray foam insulation offers numerous health benefits, especially for those with allergies and respiratory problems. Studies show that mold can cause respiratory difficulties, and poor insulation allows pollens and air pollutants into the home. With high-quality spray foam insulation, homeowners will notice improved air quality and a moisture-free living environment.
    4. When applied to a space, spray foam insulation immediately fills every crevice, and creates an airtight seal. Even with brand new fiberglass, little cracks and holes can leave a home vulnerable to drafts, but spray foam insulation eliminates this issue. Once applied, spray foam insulation will rarely if ever need maintenance or replacement.
    5. While homeowners across Canada and the GTA are happy with their spray foam insulation, they are far from the only ones benefiting. Given our extreme weather and reliance on heating and cooling, Canada has one of the world’s worst annual carbon footprints per year.
    6. Despite our relatively small population, we have a big impact on the planet. A big part of this is individual lifestyle choices, as indicated by the fact we are one of the worst countries on the planet in terms of per capita carbon emissions.
    7. The scientific community agrees that climate change is a real and serious global issue, and that it could lead to more extreme weather around the world, including in Canada. By doing our parts as individuals to reduce our carbon emissions, we can protect the planet and secure Canada’s reputation as a sustainable, eco-friendly nation.


    While spray foam insulation is overall a very safe and secure product, it does carry some risks. To be more specific, when done improperly, it carries some risks.


    1. Spray foam insulation contractors are highly trained, certified experts who are familiar with the process of creating and applying SPF. However, some Canadians have tried to tackle spray foam insulation with professional help, often using kits that are available online and in major retailers for a few hundred dollars. What might seem like a sure-fire way to save a few dollars can quickly turn into a DIY disaster.
    2. When mixed improperly, SPF can produce toxic fumes in a process called “off-gassing”, which can lead to respiratory problems. It is also important to note that, before setting, SPF does have flammable properties.
    3. When applied by a contractor, the risks of off-gassing are minimal, as are all other risks associated with spray foam insulation.
    4. For this reason, spray foam insulation experts and fire officials are insistent that homeowners pass on DIY kits, and instead leave this project to contractors.


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    How to Get Spray Foam insulation?

    Spray Foam insulation


    For many Torontonians, spray foam insulation sounds like a great idea to manage costs and protect the environment, but the process comes with a number of concerns. One of these concerns is finances. Although spray foam insulation can certainly save money in the long run, not every household can easily afford the upfront cost of insulating their basement and attic. If finances are an issue, there are options available to help you afford spray foam insulation, as well as other energy-saving products and services.


    Funded by the City of Toronto, the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) provides low-interest loans to homeowners looking to make energy-conscious changes to their home, including hiring a spray foam insulation contractor.


    Loans may be up to five percent of a home’s current value assessment (CVA) and offer lower interest rates and more flexible repayment terms than typical bank loans. Anyone who owns a detached, semi-detached or row home is eligible, if they are in good standing with utility and property tax payments, and gain permission from everyone listed on the property’s title.


    If you are eligible for HELP, and it sounds like the right program for your household, the next step is to begin the application process. Unfortunately, the application process is a little bit lengthy, with five steps. These steps include both an online application and a home energy assessment, in which a professional energy auditor will inspect your basement, attic and other vulnerable areas within your home.


    Right now, spray foam insulation is more popular than ever before, and there are plenty of contractors available on the market. Although homeowners have their pick of contractors, it’s important to select professionals who are willing to work with you to answer your questions and respond to your concerns.


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    Located in Toronto and available across the GTA


    Located in Toronto and available across the GTA, Spray City Insulation offers high-quality, affordable and completely safe spray foam insulation for both commercial and residential needs. Every single Spray City contractor is an experienced professional who has received top-notch training and is a recipient of Morrison Hershfield quality assurance certification.


    Spray City will work with you to make sure every step of the installation process is seamless. We can help answer your questions regarding the reoccupancy time, as well as which areas of the home require the most protection. We can also help you through the HELP application process, to help remove any barriers that stand between you and better insulation.


    If you’re interested in getting a free estimate, discussing the HELP program, or learning more about Spray City Insulation, one of the premier Toronto spray foam insulation companies, you can contact them at 437-912-9000.

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