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    Spray Foam Insulation: How It Increase the Value of Your Property?

    According to conventional wisdom, you almost never recoup the full value of investments that you make in home improvements, let alone turn a profit if you should decide to sell your home at some point in the future. While this is certainly true in the vast majority of cases, it is not always so where the installation of spray foam insulation is concerned.


    Whole house foam insulation costs a few thousand dollars and, as you would expect, is unlikely to help you make a killing on the local real estate market. However, targeted insulation projects that address specific issues with your property, or help you to extend the usable living space by a considerable amount, could well net you a positive return when the time to sell up and move on arrives. It can also prove very useful to those who buy houses to renovate and sell, by ensuring that the properties in question appeal to as broad a cross section of property buyers as possible.


    Below, we take a look at one specific way in which you can use spray foam insulation to increase the resale value of a property and why this specific type of home improvement project often pays dividends.


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    Garage Insulation and the Hidden Benefits

    A lot of homeowners pay little attention to their garages as far as insulation is concerned and, on the surface, it seems like an unnecessary expense for property owners who only ever use a garage for its intended purpose, i.e. as a place to park their cars. It is only when you dig beneath the surface and look at the common problems insulating your garage can solve, that you begin to see the potential for increasing the value of your property that this simple home improvement project has to offer. Take a look at the bullet points below for a brief outline of the main benefits you stand to gain from spray foam insulation for your garage and some thoughts on why it could prove to be a valuable investment.


    The following points apply to all homes in North America with integral garages although they are more relevant for homeowners and realtors in areas with particularly hot summers or especially cold winters.


    A More Energy Efficient Home

    Even if you do not use your integral garage for any other purpose than keeping the rain off your car, insulating it will make your home more energy efficient, which is a big selling point in today’s environmentally aware world. A garage that is not insulated can prove to be the weak point in many a property’s defences against the elements, with hot air escaping your home through the porous walls during the winter time, and hot air entering from outside during the summer. By installing spray foam insulation in the walls and ceiling, and fitting a more substantial door, you can plug this hole in your defences and make your home more desirable in the eyes of prospective buyers.


    More Usable Living Space

    If Garage Insulation is done well, it can be converted into a snug, a den, a children’s playroom or almost anything you wish really. However, if you are planning to sell the property in the near future, it is best to choose a neutral theme for a garage conversion – such as an extra living room with space for a TV – rather than aiming for a specific niche. You don’t even have to go to the trouble and expense of converting the garage yourself if you would rather not: just the fact that it is well insulated and can easily be kept at a comfortable temperature in all weathers will appeal to potential buyers who are looking for homes with as much usable living space as possible.


    The Solving of the Cold Room Above the Garage Mystery

    Trying to offload a property with a room over the garage that is clearly too cold for human habitation in the wintertime and too hot during the summer can be a very tall order and many homeowners are thoroughly mystified by this particular problem. As you have no doubt already guessed, it is almost always due to a poorly insulated garage allowing the transfer of heat through its ceiling, resulting in an uncomfortably cold room above it. Good quality garage ceiling insulation, preferably of the spray foam variety, offers a very cheap solution to this problem that afflicts numerous homes across North America.


    Spray foam insulation is not a miracle substance that will help you sell a dilapidated property in a bad neighbourhood infested with cockroaches, although, while we are on the subject of pests, it does make it much harder for them to enter your home. What it will do is make your property more energy efficient and more comfortable, and therefore more appealing to prospective buyers.


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